Holographic HSF labels

A holographic strip is Hot Stamped on the existing label. (depicted in the diagram ).This is one of the most efficient way to authenticate products. The application is done at the end of your label / carton printer,which means no additional effort at your end.

On-line Holographic Strip Application

In this application a strip of hologram is applied On-line to the PVC side of the blister with the help of a small attachment just before formation stage of blister in the blister forming machine. This is a widely used and accepted application in the industry.

Pre-transferred holographic PVC for blister

In this application the PVC film is pre-transferred with the required holographic strip and is then used like any other PVC for blister forming.

Holographic shrink sleeve

In this application a holographic strip is introduced in the PVC shrink sleeve which provides security to the product. This again is very useful application for bottles etc.

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